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Opioid Recovery Services

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Opioid Misuse & Abuse Prevention Program

Northeast Delta Human Services Authority’s Crisis Outreach Team is a community based comprehensive integration of behavioral health, social support, and prevention services that promote recovery and resilience for all citizens of Region 8 by:

With an integrated service network across 12 parishes, we provide personal support for patients. Our integrated health clinics are equipped with licensed, professional clinicians and social workers to provide primary, behavioral and addictive disorders health treatment. Our Monroe Behavioral Health Clinic provides (Medication Assistance Treatment (MAT) this highlight should be removed) services to those in recovery who need additional assistance.

Opioid Overdose Prevention

Medication Education and Safe Disposal

Safe medication-taking practices and the potential danger of misusing prescription medications
(Elementary-Older Adult).

Pouches for medication deactivation and disposal when drop boxes are not accessible.

Safe storage of medication in the home.

National Take-Back days to get old and unused medication out of homes and keeps them off the streets.

Grief Counseling

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment

SBIRT is an evidence-based approach used to identify individuals who use alcohol and other drugs at risky levels. The goal of SBIRT is to reduce and prevent related health consequences, disease, accidents, and injuries.

• Screening quickly assesses the severity of substance use and identifies the appropriate level of treatment.

• Brief intervention focuses on increasing insight and awareness regarding substance use and motivation toward behavioral change.

• Referral to treatment provides those identified as needing more extensive treatment with access to specialty care.

Certified Peer Support Services

Peer Support Specialists encourage and serve as recovery models as clients work on their recovery. 

These peer workers teach awareness by using methods based on mutual equality and inclusion. Our peer specialists focus on the following…

Prescription Take-Back Dropboxes

Located throughout the region for safe disposal of unused medication.

Opioid Misuse Abuse Prevention Program’s outreach program enriches knowledge at the community level about programs and practices aimed to reduce opioid use. Addressing real needs identified by data and increasing awareness through empowerment and connection to services. Our purpose is to engage in the deep work of attitudinal and behavioral change across our 12 parish catchment areas.

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