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Consumer Complaints

It is the policy of the Northeast Delta Human Services Authority to respond promptly and effectively to complaints and promote and evaluate satisfaction with services provided.  Should you feel you have been treated unfairly or inappropriately, you have the right to submit a written complaint to any staff member.

Complaint Procedure

• Complete a complaint form. If you need assistance with the form, a staff member with whom you do not have a grievance will be happy to assist you.
• You may turn the complaint form in to any staff member.
• Your complaint will be reviewed with you and a response to your grievance will be provided within 48 business hours.
• If you are not satisfied with the response, that shall be noted. And, the complaint will be forwarded to the Executive Director through the Corporate Compliance staff.
• Once resolved through the Executive Director, the complaint will be filed and reviewed by the  Performance Improvement Team and Executive Team.

How to file a consumer complaint

• If you have a consumer complaint, you may file it with any staff member in our clinics. We recommend you first talk with your therapist or nurse about the situation.
• If the complaint involves your therapist or nurse, please speak to the Clinic Manager for assistance.
• If the situation is not resolved, please complete a Consumer Comment form.
• We will respond to your complaint with 2 business days.

Consumer Complaint Form

Click here to send a Consumer Complaint Form online.

Or click here to download and mail in.

Send us a comment

Click here to send a comment online.

Questions about eligibility?

If you want to learn more about eligibility, Northeast Delta Human Services Authority staff will assist you with assessment, planning and/or referrals for services.