Prevention Services

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• What is prevention?
• List of Prevention Services
• Community Partners

What is prevention?

Prevention uses research-based curriculums, environmental strategies, coalition-building, and other proactive and data-driven strategies to prevent and reduce risk-taking behaviors.

List of prevention services

• Information Dissemination
• Community Education
• Alternative Activities for Youth
• School-Based Interventions
• Tobacco Retailer Compliance Checks
• EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

* The Northeast Delta Human Services Authority Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to assist and support employees who are experiencing personal problems and may benefit from outside management or professional help. These problems include substance abuse, family, emotional, financial and other problems that affect job performance, job security or the health and well-being of the employee. For more information about the Northeast Delta HSA EAP, contact LaTonya Owens, Northeast Delta Regional Prevention Coordinator, at 318-362-5483 or by e-mail at

Community Partners

Northeast Delta utilizes research-based curricula that help reduce targeted risk factors for high-risk behaviors and builds upon protective factors that reduce the risk.  The National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs promotes all of these programs.

The Louisiana Center Against Poverty- (318) 559-7886- Utilizes Life Skills and Kids don’t Gamble Wanna Bet. Both are programs target the major social and psychological factors that promote the initiation of substance abuse, gambling, and other risky behaviors.

West Carroll Safe and Drug-Free Volunteers, Inc.- (318) 428-2652- Utilizes Positive Action/Life Skills, and TNT (Towards No Tobacco) which provide an integrated and comprehensive program.

Louisiana Tech University- (318) 257-2651- Utilizes Project Northland, a multi-level intervention involving students, peers, parents, and the community in programs aimed at delaying the first use of alcohol and other negative behaviors.

Children’s Coalition- (318) 323-8775- Utilizes Al’s Pal’s, a program used in Pre-K and Kindergarten using the adventures of puppets, Al and his friends, to help children make healthy choices.  SOS stands for Signs of Suicide, which not only teaches peers how to react to their classmates’ depression but also screens those that are at high risk.

SYNAR -  Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana, Inc. - (318) 629-5980 Uses underage volunteers to attempt to buy Tobacco products and educates the merchants, students, and the community as to the consequences.  Reinforces the request for ID, and explains why they need to be in compliance if they are not.

Questions about eligibility?

If you want to learn more about eligibility, Northeast Delta Human Services Authority staff will assist you with assessment, planning and/or referrals for services.