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NE Delta HSA Now Offering Co-Occurring Developmental Disability and Behavioral Health Services

For decades, citizens with developmental disabilities, their family members and industry professionals throughout the country have been seeking appropriate care and treatment solutions for people with co-occurring developmental disabilities and behavioral healthcare issues. NE Delta HSA has recognized this struggle and is putting a solution in place locally to help fill this significant service gap.

Families and caregivers experience constant frustration trying to care for the people they love most. To help alleviate these serious issues, Northeast Delta Human Services Authority (NE Delta HSA) has opened The Phoenix Clinic, a pilot program within the Monroe Behavioral Health Clinic that offers behavioral healthcare services for citizens with co-occurring developmental disabilities and mental healthcare issues.

“We know it’s difficult for persons with a dual diagnosis to obtain competent behavioral healthcare services. Their issues may go untreated, or they may be treated with methods that just don’t work,” said Dr. Monteic A. Sizer, NE Delta HSA Executive Director. “As the state moves toward community-based solutions for persons with developmental disabilities, we are making it a priority to offer local solutions that are comprehensive enough to meet these needs.”

“We have physicians and clinicians in place who are specifically trained to welcome these citizens and provide a high quality of care and treatment,” said Sizer. “This will ensure access to the critical, quality behavioral healthcare that citizens need.

In addition to these services for citizens with a co-occurring developmental disability and a mental health disorder, this new service offering also addresses the healthcare needs of their family members and caregivers. NE Delta HSA can provide an integrated behavioral and primary healthcare home to these individuals by referring them to one of its primary care network partners or another appropriate provider for additional healthcare and social supports.

“I am extremely proud of our NE Delta HSA Developmental Disabilities and Clinical Services teams, led by Jennifer Purvis and Martha Phillips,” said Sizer. “Their dedication and skill enables historically separate government entities to come together and put tangible solutions in place, which helps solve some of the most serious problems our region faces.” Throughout this initiative, the state’s Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD) is supporting NE Delta HSA teams with dedicated staff who complement the NE Delta HSA integrated healthcare approach.

“It’s not enough to only focus on a problem,” said Sizer. “What’s most important is how we marshal our talent to create a solution for those who would not otherwise have access to the care they need. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to solutions for our regional citizens who have developmental disabilities. We are overjoyed to offer a solution that will help them enjoy healthier lives.”

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About Northeast Delta Human Services Authority (Northeast Delta HSA )

Northeast Delta HSA directs the operation of community-based programs to improve the quality of life of people with major mental illness, developmental disabilities and addictive disorders. Northeast Delta HSA is devoted to deliver programs and services that encourage people to reach their true human potential.

Three tenets guide our efforts: excellent customer service, greater access to services and competent, quality care. Northeast Delta HSA serves citizens in 12 parishes of northeastern Louisiana: Caldwell, East Carroll, West Carroll, Ouachita, Lincoln, Madison, Franklin, Morehouse, Jackson, Tensas, Richland and Union. For more information, please visit our website at or call 318-362-3270.

NE Delta HSA Media Contact:
Jill Hirsekorn
Public Information Director
2513 Ferrand Street, Monroe, LA 71201
Phone 318-362-5482
NE Delta HAS Press & Media

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Picture of Dr. Monteic A. Sizer
Dr. Monteic A. Sizer

Dr. Monteic A. Sizer serves as Executive Director of Northeast Delta Human Services Authority (Northeast Delta HSA). He joined the organization in May 2013 as its first Executive Director. He is uniquely qualified to advocate on behalf of citizens located in the twelve Northeast Delta HSA parishes he represents because he exemplifies how people can meet their greatest human potential based on accountability, integrity and a willingness to engage in their own lives.

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