Vision, Mission & Philosophy


To build a unified Northeast Louisiana where individuals are thriving and reaching their full human potential.

community group


Serve as a catalyst for individuals with mental health, developmental disabilities, and addictive disorders to help realize their full human potential by offering quality, excellent care with greater accessibility.

Three Tenets guide our actions:

1. Greater access to services

2. Excellent customer service

3. Quality competent care



Connect with citizens we serve and help them reach their best potential.
Accountable for our actions.
Acknowledge any previous shortcomings and demonstrate how we are improving. Build trust through accountability.
Demonstrate that we understand citizens’ concerns and provide hope and integrity to the mental health, addictive disorder and developmental disabilities arenas.
Focus on commonalities among us rather than differences. Unify around opportunities.
Opportunity for success equal for all citizens regardless of demographics.
We are a catalyst and co-advocate with citizens as we engage in personal, family, governmental systems and community transformation.


The phoenix represents the shedding of old ways and renewal toward a better existence.

It also represents the sun that sinks below the horizon each day and fades away into ashes, rising again each day anew.

The ashes are not those of destruction, but rather of hope and wisdom. As with the phoenix, we are always in some phase of growth and transformation. We use the ashes of our former selves to create the person we are destined to become.

Northeast Delta Human Services Authority