Developmental Disability FAQs

How do I apply for services?

You may call our main or toll-free number to begin the application process or apply in person at 3200 Concordia Street, Monroe, LA 71201.

Do I have to be a Medicaid recipient to apply?


What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please bring your Social Security card, Medicaid or other insurance information if you have a policy, any evaluation (medical, psychological, psychiatric) or school record (IEP) that may identify your disability. The applicant must be present for the appointment. (e.g. a parent applying for a child must bring the child.)

What is EPSDT? Is there a waiting list?

Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Training is a service for children ages 3-21 years for Medicaid-eligible children. This program offers an array of services such as vision, dental, some therapies, personal care services, etc. Eligibility for Developmental Disabilities Services is not required to receive services from this program, but it is required for the Support Coordination Component.

How long does the eligibility determination process take?

The application process could take up to 45 days depending on the availability of documentation and whether or not further evaluations are needed.

If I am found eligible, what services are available to me?

Flexible Family Fund, Individual & Family Support (home mods, personal care, equipment), Community Support Team, Support Coordination Services, assistance with locating residential facilities, and Medicaid Waiver services.