The NE Delta HSA Faith Partnership Initiative is a chance for clergy and faith leaders of all denominations to learn how to address issues of mental illness and substance use within their communities and congregations. Faith Partnership provides leadership, training, educational materials and consultation to initiate, develop and sustain congregational teams in 4 key areas: Awareness, Readiness, Development and Sustainability.

Who Should Attend

  • • Clergy
  • • Faith-based agencies
  • • Community Advocates
  • • Healthcare Providers
  • • Congregations
  • • Nondenominational groups
  • • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • • Licensed Professional Counselors

Statistics on Drug Addiction and Mental Illness


1 in 5 Americans (approx. 42 million citizens) have some form of mental illness. 18.2 percent of these individuals (8 million people) also have a substance-use disorder.


Louisiana ranks 30th in the nation for deaths due to injury from drug addiction, 30th in the prevalence of mental illness and 45th in access to mental health care.


According to research by evangelical polling organization Lifeway, only 27 percent of churches have established plans to help families affected by mental illness.