Dr. James Hussey Bio


Dr. Hussey is currently serving as Medical Director for the Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Behavioral Health.

Formerly, Dr. Hussey served as the Assistant Secretary and Medical Director for the Office of Behavioral Health and the former Behavioral Health Medical Director for Louisiana Medicaid, and is Board-Certified in General Psychiatry.

He is the former Director for Louisiana Medicaid’s Applied Behavior Analysis Program, the former Director of Charity Hospital’s Crisis Intervention Unit, and former Medical Director for Southeast Louisiana Hospital and the Bogalusa Acute Unit.

As the former Associate Medical Director for the Office of Behavioral Health, and its Statewide Mental Health Rehabilitation Program, he was also the Chief Liaison to Managed Care for the Office of Behavioral Health, and helped develop CMS authorities, state plan, Louisiana Medicaid rules and contracts for the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership, as well as the recently implemented Behavioral Health Integration. Since February 2018, Dr. Hussey has been serving as the Chairman of the Louisiana Drug Policy Board’s Advisory Council for Heroin and Opioid Prevention and Education.