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Northeast Delta Delta Human Services Authority is dedicated to providing our clients with access to the highest level of quality, competent care, and excellent customer service. Our partners are a valued extension of our services and we are always open to dialogue with potential partners who share our values.

Calling all partners and contractors committed to collaborating and providing meaningful services to our citizens!

We would like to gather information from you, particularly in connection with the services you provide that fit our Strategic Initiatives. We encourage you to tell us what services you provide in the following categories and tell us how you may be able to help us provide additional services:

• Integrated behavioral and primary healthcare
• Criminal justice matters connected to behavioral health
• Drug and synthetic drug and alcohol prevention; suicide prevention
• School and community-based prevention efforts for K-12 students
• Faith-based and parent-based community support

As we seek to fulfill our regional mandates, and as we engage the Bayou Health Plans in the coming year, we wish to fully maximize our regional capacity to serve our citizens. As we identify future, specific funding opportunities, or gaps in services, the information you submit to us may help us identify you as a regional partner in future opportunities.

We'd love to hear from you

Interested in becoming a contractor with us?

Northeast Delta HSA follows the LDH uniform procedures for promulgating and administering contracts for personal, professional, consulting, or social services with private contractors as well as interagency contracts between Northeast Delta HSA and any public body. 

If you are interested in becoming a contractor with us please submit the form below and we will promptly reach out to you.