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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration

Northeast Delta Human Services Authority

We are working throughout Northeast Louisiana to build a network of primary care providers who share our values in providing quality, competent and accessible care to our citizens. We have found proven success in this integration model for providing care to people with complex health needs.

Recent studies show that 68% of adults with mental illness have one or more chronic physical conditions, and 1:5 people have a mental illness or addiction.  We are dedicated in meeting the complex healthcare needs of people in Northeast Louisiana.

Peer Support Centers

Peer support is an important component of the NE Delta HSA integrated health model. Peer support centers are managed day-to-day through our partner agency, The Extra Mile of northeast Louisiana. Our peer support centers are recovery-oriented, consumer-directed centers where citizens develop and utilize programs to supplement existing mental health and addictive disorder services to further engage in their own recovery process. Centers are managed by people who have reached an understanding of their own mental health issues and can serve as peers to others. Peer center programs include support groups, activities that provide opportunities for socialization, personal and educational enrichment, and peer support.

Disclaimer: Northeast Delta HSA and primary health care services operate independently from one another. Please direct comments to the specific provider for services rendered.