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Mental Health & Addictive Disorders


Developmental Disabilities


Mission, Vision & Philosophy

NE Delta HSA Mission

NE Delta HSA serves as a catalyst for individuals with mental health, developmental disabilities, and addictive disorders to realize their full human potential by offering quality, excellent care with greater accessibility.


These Three Tenets guide our actions:

  • Greater access to services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality, competent care


NE Delta HSA Vision

The NE Delta HSA vision is to build a unified Northeast Louisiana where individuals are thriving and reaching their full human potential.


NE Delta HSA Philosophy

  • Demonstrate that we understand citizens’ concerns -- provide hope and integrity in the mental health, addictive disorder and developmental disabilities arenas.
  • Connect with citizens we serve and help them reach their best potential.
  • Focus on commonalities among us rather than differences. Unify around opportunities.
  • Accountability for our actions.
  • Opportunity for success equal for all citizens regardless of demographics.
  • Acknowledge any previous shortcomings and demonstrate how we are improving. Build trust through accountability.
  • We are a catalyst and co-advocate for citizens to engage in the community and believe they can reach new heights.